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EP 3: Just a Few Run Fits?

EP 3: Just a Few Run Fits?

Are the Hokies really just a handful of mental lapses away from a 3-1 record?

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Last week I shared data showing that the 2023 Hokies were a slightly improved team over last year, but trending downward.

Marshall was shaping up to be the inflection point of the season, and that it was.

During the three days following this latest defeat, I gave serious thought to what, precisely, is the straw that keeps breaking the back of this team.

My hypothesis: run fits.

That is, if the coaching staff could clean up this one aspect of the game, based on our four game dataset, we could expect the Hokies to start winning some, not all, games. In short: be the team we expected them to be in 2023.

When I dug into the data, I found a more complex, and more disappointing, story.

VT run defense in 2023

VT run defense in the Brent Pry era

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