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EP 13: FSU, the CFP, and Power in College Football

EP 13: FSU, the CFP, and Power in College Football

What happened this weekend, if left unchecked, will have a huge and negative impact on the Virginia Tech football program for years to come

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The business side of college football is more cut-throat than ever. When a blue blood program like Florida St. can be dropped from the playoff for financial reasons, and make no mistake, money is what this was all about, what chance does a program like Virginia Tech stand?

In this episode I break down, in terms of business and politics, what happened with the CFP selections, what the possible next moves are, and why this is all so important to Virginia Tech.

In the episode, I reference Ricky LaBlue’s column from earlier in the week. For anyone who missed it, I highly recommend you go back and read it. LaBlue is pitch perfect in how he describes the line that was crossed by the committee.

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