All About Hokie Analytics

Hokie Analytics is the brainchild of 2006 Virginia Tech graduate and former ESPN Radio AM 1430 (Blacksburg, VA) high school football broadcaster Jack Reid.

The newsletter features detailed coverage on the following topics:

  • The business of college football

  • Roster management

  • Quantitative deep dives into the games themselves

  • The history of Hokies football

  • Legal challenges and legislation driving the evolution of the game

  • Market forces and sports betting

  • Model design and analytics techniques

  • Player potential and on-field performance

Ultimately, this is an investigatory endeavor. With each new article and podcast episode, I will wade into the unknown and surface my findings.

My goal is to bring you, the reader, a kind of in-depth, analytics-driven coverage of Virginia Tech football that you will find no where else.

What is the field of analytics, and what value does it add?

Analytics refers to the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. It is used to discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns in data, and to apply those patterns to effective decision making.

Analytics can be applied in various domains, including business, finance, healthcare, and sports, among others, to help in optimizing processes, understanding trends, making predictions, and making more informed decisions.

It often involves the use of specialized software and tools to analyze large datasets and can encompass various techniques from different fields, including mathematics, statistics, computer science, and information technology.

Hokie Analytics is unique in its coverage of:

  • Emerging trends

  • Performance optimization

  • Risk management

  • Strategic planning

It is also the only Virginia Tech focused publication to provide data-driven predictive insights.

Why subscribe?

The best thing about a newsletter is that it comes to you (and not the other way around)! Subscribing brings all the analyses, and the accompanying sardonic wit, of Hokie Analytics directly to your inbox. You’ll never miss an article or podcast.

Subscriber tiers

Subscriptions come in two flavors: free and paid.


The free plan includes occasional articles (usually two each month, plus any site-related news) and a weekly podcast. For the casual fan, as well as those new to Hokie Analytics, this is probably a good place to start.


For those interested in the full experience, the paid tier includes all articles, the podcast, access to the complete archive, and the ability to leave comments and engage with other readers.

I generally publish between one and three articles each week, plus an episode of the Hokie Analytics Podcast. If you are a serious Hokies fan or someone interested in detailed, analytical coverage of a major college football program, than this is the tier for you!

The current price is $5 per month or $40 per year (a 33% discount). That breaks down as follows:

  • Opportunity cost: one cup of coffee per month

  • Cost per day: $0.11 to $0.16

When you subscribe, articles and podcasts are delivered directly to your email inbox and are available on the Substack app. I highly recommend the app, as the user interface is excellent and it gives you the option to listen as articles are read aloud.

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I enjoy wading through data, playing sleuth, and trying to figure out what is going on, and why. If you follow VT football, I hope you'll come along for the ride.